Jun 26,2013
drowning--sorrow-deactivated201: “Senhime…has passed away” for my character’(s’) reaction.

Kimigiku felt her world starting to crumble, time slowly ceasing to a halt, the bright summer day was slowly loosing it’s vibrant colors. She was hoped and thought Sen was strong enough to survive the injuries. 

Why. Why. Why…? Why was I so naive, why am I still so weak……Even after all this time… even after constant training. I’m still not strong enough. I still can’t protect anybody..

I’m still useless,  I was suppose to be Hime-sama’s sword and shield..how could I been so careless?! Hime-sama  is gone. She’s not coming back anymore, it’s all my fault. For not being strong enough, not being fast enough, not staying by her side like I should have. And to even think I once prided myself as her bodyguard. I’m the worst. How can, how could I even.. I should have never left her side. Why. Why. Why…? Why am I still so weak….. i still can’t even protect the people that I loved or care about…

I’m the one responsible for this.. I’m always one step too late..

how can people still even smile and go about their daily activities without a care..? Did they not know the oni princess, their beloved hime-sama has passed away, the kind and sweet princess will never smile again..Gomen Hime-sama… Please forgive me for not being to protect you, please forgive me for being too slow, I’m sorry for my incompetence as a bodyguard..because of me, you were robbed of your long healthy life and happiness.

I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I’m always one step to late…

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Jun 26,2013

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Jun 26,2013


/the bigger the better/


Eli could feel his grin widen even further and swallowed the childish giggle that was forming in his throat. Something about the glint in the foreign beauty’s eyes told him she would not appreciate this kind of humor…

As much as he tried though, her continuing choice of words left him less and less capable of upholding the picture of the respectable adult that he should be. By the end of her second sentence he was biting his lip and shaking furiously under the pressure of holding back a laugh-attack. Trembling hands reached for pen and paper:

[Glad to hear it!] he was not sure if it was ‘oversized’ as she claimed, but he liked his ego the way it was, [So what do Oy-rahns] he looked at the word for a while, unsure whether he had understood her correctly [do all day then, if not breaking egos?]


nope just nope. Originally she wasn’t going to introduce him to the true horrors of the river and the newly acquired durian human repellent spray. But she won’t let her pride take a beating without some sort of retribution to the person. After all she has a reputation to maintain~ and unfortunately for her apprentice he just signed himself up for a one way ticket to hell. He’s going to regret ever asking her to be his teacher in the art of trouble making.   


"You’ll find out soon enough my dear little apprentice what an orian does~ speaking of which we should start your training as soon as possible. Sa, we wasted enough time already, lets get started.”

ohoho~ she haven’t had this much fun for a very, very long time…

unfortunately for him she’s going to torment and harass him like no tomorrow


"Now in the art of trouble making you always want to catch your victims by surprise and constantly keep them on their toes …Just like this~" pulling out the durian (human repellant) spray Kimigiku sprayed Eli with the horrid thing, before tossing him into the river. 

"To be a trouble maker, you have to think like a ninja~ Good luck my dear  apprentice~ 

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Jun 26,2013



“It doesn’t help with all the make-up, but at least, the summer kimonos shall be out of storage.”
Her and Shiranui. “What of it? He’s a foolish man who needs his tongue cut out.”

"Yes, it would certainly make the weather a bit more bearable."

flashing her an innocent devious smile 

"Ara~ I was just curious if something happened during my absence~ certainly there is no harm in being a little curious."

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Jun 25,2013

  • ‘✉’ for an unsent letter from my character to yours.
  • ‘♥’ and a name, and I’ll kiss them.
  • ‘♡’ and my character(s) will cuddle yours!
  • a word and I’ll write a headcanon based on it.
  • ‘♪’ and I’ll put my playlist on shuffle to tell you our song.
  • ‘Ω’ and I’ll tell you what my character(s) thinks of yours.
  • a ship you have for my character(s) and I’ll tell you what I think.
  • age and a question and my character(s) will answer as that age.
  • unwanted (or bad) advice for my character(s).
  • ask my characters for advice.
  • bad (but hilarious) pick-up lines!
  • prompts or drabble ideas!
  • Questions!
  • ‘Crush?’ for any romantic interest my character(s) might have for someone.
  • ‘Confess?’ and my character(s) will have to confess something to yours. (whether it be feelings, opinions, a secret — whatever; feel free to specify)
  • a headcanon you have for my character(s) — I will accept/reject.
  • “[name]…has passed away” for my character’(s’) reaction.
  • ★ for an IC fact, or ☆ for an OOC fact
  • Give my character a difficult decision
  • ‘Would you rather…’
  • ♛ and I’ll summarize our muses’ relationship with a gif.
  • ✖ and I will give you a fear that my character has in dealing with yours

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Jun 25,2013

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Jun 25,2013

“I’ve been well. The weather has grown uncomfortable now.”

"That’s good to hear. Yes I do agree the weather has turned extremely unpleasant recently. It feels like we’re being steamed alive."

"And what is this hear about you and Shiranui~?" 

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Jun 25,2013

Eli grinned at her words. Had anyone ever told him… PSH! More like, who HADN’T told him!! However the Lady’s following explanation had him blink in confusion… what an odd request. [As long as you don’t mean MY ego….?]

"Ah~ the bigger the better~ and from what I can see Eli-han your ego is quite huge and I’m looking forward to it be broken.” flashing him one of her infamous oni smiles

"Don’t worry I’m only teasing Eli-han, what kind of oiran would I be if I went around breaking all my patrons oversized egos. I would be out on the streets and starving if that was the case." 

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Jun 25,2013

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Jun 25,2013
alwaystherogue: He smirked. [In return? Why, a lady like you may have anything her heart desires...]

"Has anybody told you, you’re quite a charmer Eli-han~. Ah in return, inorder to help you reach the full potential in the art of trouble making, I need a man’s broken ego. My powers are starting to weaken quite a bit from the lack of broken ego’s.”

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